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In 1982, I received my calling from GOD. Not the way the movies would portray it. There were no Angels that visited me, there was no ferocious thunderstorms or any parting of the seas. My calling came at a bowling alley. Yes, a bowling alley. This reinforces that GOD works in mysterious ways.


I bowled seven days a week. My reputaton as a competitor was well stated. Strike after strike, throw after throw. What I didn't know was as my

average increased on the scoreboard, I was striking out spiritually.


I thought one of my team mates was talking to me because I heard, " Your bowling ball is your GOD because you bowl seven days a week". I looked around and no one was talking to me. I realized then it was GOD. I asked GOD to let me finish my contract out  and I would never bowl another ball until you and I are straight. I have never bowled since.


Since then, I have been serving The Lord, as a vessel to which his healing powers come through me and touch people. I am a retired Police Officer and served as head Chaplain over 100 police officers. I am an Elder and have been ordained by C.M.E Church. Most importantly I am a servant and slave to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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